Sl.No Project code Project title Domain Year Enquiry
1ECEMB_1601 A Hardware Platform for Evaluating Low-Energy Multiprocessor Embedded Systems Based on COTS Devices EMBEDDED 2015
2ECEMB_1602 A Portable Fall Detection and Alerting System Based on k-NN Algorithm and Remote Medicines EMBEDDED 2015
3ECEMB_1603 Analysis of Capacitive Impedance Matching Networks for Simultaneous Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Devices EMBEDDED 2015
4ECEMB_1604 Calculation of Temperature Field in Power Capacitor EMBEDDED 2015
5ECEMB_1605 Comparison of Charge Estimation Methods in Partial Discharge Cable Measurements EMBEDDED 2015
6ECEMB_1606 Control-Oriented Concentrated Solar PowerPlant Model EMBEDDED 2015
7ECEMB_1607 Real-Time RFID Indoor Positioning System Based on Kalman-Filter Drift Removal and Heron-Bilateration Location Estimation EMBEDDED 2015
8ECEMB_1608 Scalability of Dense Wireless Lighting Control Networks EMBEDDED 2015
9ECEMB_1609 Security-Aware Modeling and Efficient Mapping for CAN-Based Real-Time Distributed Automotive Systems EMBEDDED 2015
10ECEMB_1610 Smart Meter Privacy for Multiple Users in the Presence of an Alternative Energy Source EMBEDDED 2015
11ECEMB_1611 Closed-Loop Control of Local Magnetic Actuation for Robotic Surgical Instruments ROBOTICS 2015
12ECEMB_1612 Distributed Data Fusion for Multirobot Search ROBOTICS 2015
13ECEMB_1613 Hand Impedance Measurements During Interactive Manual Welding With a Robot ROBOTICS 2015
14ECEMB_1614 Multirobot Control Using Time-Varying Density Functions ROBOTICS 2015
15ECEMB_1615 Negative Information for Occlusion Reasoning in Dynamic Extended Multiobject Tracking ROBOTICS 2015
16ECEMB_1616 3-D Simulation and Optimization of Organic Solar Cell With Periodic Back Contact Grating Electrode SOLAR 2015
17ECEMB_1617 A New Solar Module Modeling for PV Applications Based on a Symmetrized and Shifted Gompertz Model SOLAR 2015
18ECEMB_1618 A Systematic Loss Analysis Method for Rear-Passivated Silicon Solar Cells SOLAR 2015
19ECEMB_1619 Air Gaps as Intermediate Selective Reflectors to Reach Theoretical Efficiency Limits of Multibandgap Solar Cells SOLAR 2015
20ECEMB_1620 Amorphous/Crystalline Silicon Interface Passivation:Ambient-Temperature Dependence and Implications for Solar Cell Performance SOLAR 2015
21ECEMB_1621 A Handheld Inertial Pedestrian Navigation System With Accurate Step Modes and Device Poses Recognition SENSORS 2015
22ECEMB_1622 A High Reliability Wearable Device for Elderly Fall Detection SENSORS 2015
23ECEMB_1623 A Low Cost, Highly Scalable Wireless Sensor Network Solution to Achieve Smart LED Light Control for Green Buildings SENSORS 2015
24ECEMB_1624 A Low Power Temperature to Frequency Converter for the On-Chip Temperature Measurement SENSORS 2015
25ECEMB_1625 A Method for Uncertainty Assessment of Passive Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Using an Infrared Reference Light SENSORS 2015
26ECEMB_1626 A Cooperative Train Control Model for Energy Saving INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
27ECEMB_1627 A Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
28ECEMB_1628 A Prototype Integrated Monitoring System for Pavement and Traffic Based on an Embedded Sensing Network INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
29ECEMB_1629 A Runtime Integrity Monitoring Framework for Real-Time Relative Positioning Systems Based on GPS and DSRC INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
30ECEMB_1630 A Train Localization Algorithm for Train Protection Systems of the Future INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
31ECEMB_1631 A Video-Analysis-Based Railway–Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
32ECEMB_1632 Advanced Modeling of a 2-kW Series–Series Resonating Inductive Charger for Real Electric Vehicle INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
33ECEMB_1633 An Improved Exact ε-Constraint and Cut-and-Solve Combined Method for Bio objective Robust Lane Reservation INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
34ECEMB_1634 Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015
35ECEMB_1635 Hierarchical and Networked Vehicle Surveillance in ITS: A Survey INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION 2015