Certification Program

EC-CUBE Varsity has emerged as the leader in offering Certification programs in Embedded Systems, MATLAB, VLSI, JAVA, & PHP. This owes to the fact that, all training offered to the students is purely application oriented.

Certification Programs:

SL.NO TypeCourse
1ProgrammingC Programming
2ProgrammingC++ Programming
3ProgrammingCore Java Programming
4ProgrammingWeb Java Programming
5ProgrammingMatlab Fundamentals & Simulink
6ProgrammingMatlab Image Processing Tool Box
7ProgrammingMatlab Digital signal processing Tool Box
8ProgrammingPHP-My Sql Programming
9ProgrammingPearl Programming
1DatabaseData Structures
2DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 Basics
1Embedded SystemsFun with Electronics (CBSE School Students)
2Embedded SystemsEmbedded C
3Embedded SystemsMicrocontroller-8051
4Embedded SystemsPIC Microcontroller Course
5Embedded SystemsAVR Microcontroller Course
6Embedded SystemsARM Processor Course
7Embedded SystemsPCB Designing Course
8Embedded SystemsRobotics Course
9Embedded SystemsEmbedded protocols
10Embedded SystemsLinux Internals Course
11Embedded SystemsLinux Device drivers Course
12Embedded SystemsMSP430 Launch Pad
13Embedded SystemsRaspberry Pi Board
14Embedded SystemsBeagle Bone Black
15Embedded SystemsPSOC