ARM Processor Course

Course Code: ECC-TRG-EMB-4006

Sl.NoARM Processor Course
1Introduction to ARM7

LPC2148 features

block diagram and pin description

register set



Serial Communication


2Lab Sessions:

Session 1: Software Introduction(Keil Micro vision)

Session 2: Port programming

Session 3: Timer programming

Session 4: Serial Communication

Session 5: Interrupts

Session 6: Practice

3LPC2148 interfacing with

Session 1: Seven segment display

Session 2: LED’s

Session 3: LCD (16*2)

Session 4: Keypad(4*4)

Session 5: LCD &Keypad

Session 6 :Keypad& Serial

Session 7 : DC Motor

Session 8 : Stepper Motor


4LPC2148: Interfacing with Modules

Session 1.RFID

Session 2.GSM

Session 3.GPS

Session 4.ZIGBEE

5Introduction to ARM9 microcontroller

Introduction to ARM 9 microcontroller:

Difference between ARM 7and ARM 9 microcontrollers

features & block diagram

DNW tool,

Porting of boot lS3C2440 micro controller loader

OS and root files system related images into MINI2440