AVR Microcontroller Course

Course Code: ECC-TRG-EMB-4005

Sl.NoAVR Microcontroller Course
1AVR microcontroller Architecture & Programming


2.Features of AVR

3.Application and programmer boards

2Lab Sessions:

1.Software Introduction(WinAVR),Projection Creation

2.Basic I/O Ports

3.Timer programming

4.Serial Communication



3AVR interfacing

Session 1: Seven segment display

Session2: LED’s

Session 3: LCD (16*2)

Session 4: Keypad(4*4)

Session 5: LCD &Keypad

Session 6: Keypad & Serial

Session 7 : DC Motor

Session 8: Stepper Motor

Session 9: Relay

4AVR Interfacing with Modules

Session 1.RFID

Session 2.GSM

Session 3.GPS