Microcontroller 8051 Course

Course Code: ECC-TRG-EMB-4003

Sl.NoMicrocontroller 8051 Course
1Introduction to Embedded systems
What is Embedded System?
Types of Embedded System
Classifications of Embedded Systems
Characteristics of an Embedded System
Applications of embedded system
28051 (8-bit)microcontroller Architecture & Programming
Block diagram and Pin description
Serial communication
3Lab Sessions:
1.Software Introduction(Keil Micro vision),Projection Creation
2.Port programming
3.Timer programming
4.Serial Communication
489S52 interfacing
Session 1: Pcb Express Tool
Session 2: Seven segment display
Session 3: LED’s
Session 4: LCD (16*2)
Session 5: Keypad(4*4)
Session 6: LCD &Keypad
Session 7 : Keypad & Serial
Session 8 : ADC(0809)
Session 9 : DC Motor
Session 10 : Stepper Motor
Session 11: Relay
589S52 Interfacing with Modules
Session 1.RFID
Session 2.GSM
Session 3.GPS