Robotics Course

Course Code: ECC-TRG-EMB-4008

Sl.NoRobotics Course
1Introduction to Basic Electronics

Electronics Components related to robotics


IC’s ,Logic Gates,Fundamental Electrical Concepts

IR,LED,Photodiode,Power supply

2Introduction to Robotics

Basics of robotics

Future of robotics

Various Robotics Technologies

Manual Controlled Robot

Artificial Intelligent Robotics

Basic Parts of Robots

Types Of Motors ,Stepper Motor, DC Motor its Constructions

3Sensors & Motor Control

Types of sensors

IR Sensors

Sound Sensors

Light sensors

DC Motor Control

H bridge Monitor Controll

AVR Microcontroller & Architecture

4PIC Interfacing with Modules

Session 1.RFID

Session 2.GSM

Session 3.GPS