ARM Microcontroller for students

Day 1 of 2 (Duration: 6 Hrs)

ARM ARCHITECTURE Objective: Basic Study of ARM

Introduction to ARM

Basic operating modes of ARM

ARM Registers Set

Addressing modes

Instruction set

Development tools

External Interrupt

Abort Handling

Software Interrupt


Objective: Overall study of AMBA

Different System designs(AMBA ACT ADK PRIMECELLS)

AMBA Specifications

A typical AMBA based microcontroller

Buses of AMBA

AMBA signals

Day 2 of 2 (Duration: 6 hrs)

Writing softwares for ARM Processors

Objective: How to code ARM

Introduction to ARM Development tool

Exception handling

Development Platforms

ARM Optimisation Techniques

Memory mapping and Data mapping in ARM

ARM Interfacing

Objective: Real time experience on ARM

A Real time clock interface

Sensors interface

LCD interface

Keypad interface