MATLAB Fundamentals for students

Day 1 of 2 (Duration: 6 Hrs)

Introduction Objective: Start working with matlab

Desktop basics

Entering Command

Special characters

startup and shut down

Matrices and Arrays

Objective: Working with Martices in matlab

Array creation

Array indexing

Built-in functions for arrays

Operators and order of precedence

Programming scripts

Objective: Programming in matlab environment


Input and output commands

Control flow


Objective: Visualization of data using matlab tool

2-D Plot

Formatting a plot

Multiple plot

3-D plot

Day 2 0f 2 (Duration: 6 Hrs)


Objective: Develop models and Simulate

Start the simulink

Create a simple model

Math operations


Objective: Working with blocks

Creating Subsystem

Masking Subsytem

Image processing

Objective: Working with images

Image types

Image type conversion

Import image

Export image


Image Enhancement

Objective: Improving the image

Contrast Adjustment

ROI based processing

Morphological filtering